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There's a firefly in my room

Tsk. This camera's not that good.

Good night!

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A friend.

I've always thought he was gay. Now I see pictures of him with a pretty blonde girl.

Yeah, I'm happy for him and all, but I'm also kind of disappointed.



Well, since I can't play tennis and I can't eat solid food, I thought games would be a nice solution.

And it was. I downloaded N64 emulator and started playing Zelda: Majora's Mask, because I looove Zelda series and I haven't finished this one yet, and what better time than now to give myself some time to procrastinate?

So yesterday morning I was about to get into the Great Bay Temple. Halfway through the dungeon I stopped for lunch and when I get back, the N64 window is not there. Somehow, somebody must have closed it. And who do I find lying peacefully beside my computer? Raj. The goddamn cat. The one that hasn't learned yet that he CANNOT step on the keyboard.

I'll get my revenge.


Wisdom tooth extracted. 1 of 4.

My right cheek is puffy and swollen. And I'm tired of eating ice cream, can you believe that?

And what's wrong with LJ today?

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Damn Facebook and its games, I can't stop playing them and I've got a lot of work to do. 


More of a dream than a nightmare.

Lately I have been having some weird dreams.

Just yesterday, I dreamed I was imprisoned in a warehouse, along with a lot of people, all of them Japanese. I recognized some of them, friends and relatives, and we gathered so we could look after each other.

Then, I had 4 kids glued to me, like I was their mother or older sister, they would cry on my lap, they would bring me goods (foods and clothes) just to please me, they were always by my side.

In this dream, I had to kill a lot of people, I had to steal a lot of food and clothes, I couldn't trust other adults to keep an eye on those four kids. It was like a survival game, I just had 4 more bodies to feed. And since I couldn't leave them behind, I had to teach them how to survive by themselves, and even after I said they would be okay without me, they stayed and like dreams (which never make sense at all), suddenly they were older, they were teenagers. They stayed to protect me and I did everything I could to protect them.

Anyway, the point is, that feeling of wanting kids came back in full force, it was so damn strong that when I woke up, I was crying, I wanted those kids with me again. I wanted to be able to close my eyes and dream that same dream again.

Right now, remembering this dream, I feel like crying. I want to be feel their hugs again. I want to protect them again.

Does it sound weird? Obsessive?

Dreaming a dream

You know you're at the end of your rope when you dream abour Roger Federer. Being your friend. In fact, playing tennis with you. And talking about Alice in Wonderland.

I need a break, my long-awaited winter vacation, so I can worry about the next tennis tournament. And stop worrying about Final Project. :P


Winter vacation is almost there, I can't wait for it.

Second part of my final project is almost done, so I've finally managed to relax and rest for a moment. And Facebook is helping me with it, I spend hours playing games, commenting on friends' posts and... playing more games.

I got a new cellphone, an Android, which is far better than my last cellphone. There's just one problem: I can't stop taking pictures of everything around me XD

Here's my princess:

Oh, I'm gonna have fun with my Android!

Updating before... the end of the year

Shakespeare, Shelley, Brontë Sisters and Dickens are taking all my time.

And I haven't had time to work on my final project. Well, there isn't a lot of books to read about Multidimensional translation, mostly articles. Even then, I'm having trouble to understand about this MuTra; I've surfed the internet looking for more articles or books or whatever they have to share and I've come up with nothing but shallow explanations.

And this kind of situation leads me to... frustration, because I have to hand in the second part of my final project in two weeks, and I have nothing written yet. He asked for at least 15 pages... but seriously, that will be impossible.

*sighs* Ah well, let's just keep reading.